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If you have a Special Request let me know. I love making unique and personal designs!

Patsy's Petals

About Us

I started pressing flowers years ago, after my daughter gave me a little signed pressed flower picture. I fell in love with pressing flowers and began putting them inside cards I bought.
When a family member opened their card and it didn't have a pressed flower inside,  I heard about it. "Where's my flower?" they asked disappointedly. Right then I realized how fascinated other people were with pressed flowers and decided to make my own line of pressed flower greeting cards.
I wanted  to create something unique and endearing. When I finally pressed a miniature long stemmed red rose and "stuck" it on a white card with a gold border, my husband said, "that's beautiful!"
Patsy's Petals was created in 1992. My first greeting card was called "Rose Bud", named after a single, long stemmed red rose. I have now pressed thousands of roses and have many  beautiful designs to enjoy.
One of my best experiences presenting my rose cards to the public was at a local Farmers Market, but in 2010 I created an Etsy shop called Patsy's Pressed Flowers, where you can find many of my new and current pressed flower designs.
I have learned so much from my customers and now look forward to sharing my love of pressed flowers with you! Please feel free to contact me with questions or special requests for your custom made pressed flower art, cards, bookmarks and handcrafted gifts.

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